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So much happened in the course of like 30 minutes yesterday!  I got some e-mails about this huge research paper that I thought I did okay on but it turns out I totally fucked up on.  Which I was super bummed about but it’s alright because I have time to fix it before the end of the semester.  Then I got an e-mail about probably the biggest interview of life, at the parks department for a summer position, so I literally couldn’t be more excited about that to happen next week.  THEN I got a snapchat from this dude I used to talk to but then ended up ghosting but then felt bad about ghosting, but have no future intentions with so I don’t know how I feel about that.  AND THEN I found out I’m visiting both my mom and dad this next month which is really great news because I’m super homesick.  

So this is my life right now.  

BRB gonna go shop for appropriate khaki interview outfit.

Also, TIL that bladders hold around 500ml, and you have to pee after 250ml.  AND when you do pee, there’s always, like, 50ml left.  Now you know.

Visit List: Veracruz, Mexico to watch hundreds of thousands of hawks ride thermals.

If you think this isn’t the funniest thing you’ve ever watched, you’re wrong.


Just in case

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Supercut of the Worst of Andre from FXX’s The League

actually me.

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